'A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.'
Louis Kahn

Good environmental practice goes hand in hand with good economic practice. Our ethos is one of social, environmental & economic sustainability.

We're committed to tackling climate change & recognize our own contribution as a family micro-business. We reduce our own carbon footprint by using green-sourced electric, recycle, source reusable goods on & off site, materials & furniture, use local suppliers & travel by two wheels as often as possible.

We also deliver sustainable projects to the Cumbria locality & our wider communities.

The essence of good building design means understanding efficiency- in terms of art plus building synergy, all-out energy conservation & reduction of waste & recycling at every given opportunity.

We subscribe to a parsimonious use of resources & materials.

An environmental strategy is always tailored specifically to each of our projects.
The scheme & end user requirements are established at the early stage of the design to suit each client & their budget.

This can be as simple & cost effective as increasing the insulation depth & detailing an appropriate barrier & airtight envelope.

We believe that this approach helps to create more comfortable, healthy buildings & occupiers, plus lower running costs. This creates better value for money for our clients.

Petrie Design Timber frame

The fluidity of our modern world effects each & everyone of us.
We do appreciate that fad culture & use of intuitive technology often overtakes taste surprisingly quickly.

We are aware that this will leave behind proponents of image & any brand consciousness bound to particular styles.

We avoid free-floating appropriations or stripped-down aesthetics & any simplistic approach to visual functionality.

However, we do embrace a wide range of building, environmental & technological design influences &  like to propose minimum interventions to valued historic sites & existing fabric.

We are always respectful to site specific ecology.

As a practice, we encompass a number of interests & specialisms, which allows for the vibrant exchange of ideas & perspectives. It's this that generates carefully considered architecture that our clients value so highly.

We support a number of organizations & charities, including:

The ASF-UK, who are trying to change the culture of architecture to be more inclusive, appropriate & sustainable.

Our director is also a member of the AECB, The Association for Environment Conscious Building, a network of individuals & companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building.